No ImageHow to Grill the Best Burgers

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  1. Suzanne

    So simple, but exactly what I needed to know what I had been doing wrong for years! Grilled 2 medium rare and 2 medium well burgers over a 500* grill, following your times, and they were perfect! I appreciated your technique over dimpling the burgers, as that hadn’t worked for me in the past. Thank you!!


    • Summer Miller

      Hi, Suzanne! I’m so glad this recipe worked for you and the burger making technique was a hit! Dimpling the burgers never worked for me either, which is why I developed the wide and shallow well technique! Thanks for letting me know you liked the burgers!

  2. Steve

    Very nice and easy to do.

  3. NAC

    Guess if this is grilling 101 it’s a good article. Yet you can get leaner meat and make it taste good! Just need to add the good fats to the meat. Also find that leaving the grill dirty adds flavor if you use a cast iron griddle.

  4. Bob

    Thanks, you answered a lot of questions with this article, I’m ready to hit the grill.

  5. Dave s

    It’s the greatest in taste of the great burger with cheese. Can’t have it any other way.

  6. Mike

    The only way I make my burgers from now on thank you.keep cooking